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Bhagini Nivedita Sewa Nyas is a registered Trust. It is registered under Delhi State Registration Act 1958 with Registration No. 3536/4 Dated 1st April 2003. The main objects of the Nyas are to run social upliftment programmes to help the poor people of the society irrespective of their caste, language, religion, area or gender. Nyas is involved in various social activities i.e. providing health care and education, financially helping people of weaker section, employment generation, organizing various programmes through vocational training centers. It aims at improving the quality of life of shelterless, deprived persons, underprivileged, physically handicapped, widow ladies and arranging accommodation, clothes, food, medical aid for them. It intends to do various work for the upliftment of financial, social, educational, character and inner values to the residents of the country who belongs to Adiwasi community, scheduled community and weaker section.


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